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SUBJECT Girlandtheworld 님의 최고급 이불솜 900g(K), 브리제-베이지 리뷰입니다.
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Why You Should ALWAYS Invest in Luxury Bedding

As an interior stylist, I go through tons of different comforters, duvet covers, sheets, pillows, blankets, you name it. By now, I’ve already experienced the best of the best and the worst of the worst. So take it from me: it’s not worthwhile to spend your money on bedding that only looks good but doesn’t feel good. After the photos have been taken and the likes have poured in, you’re the one who has to sleep in your own bed. If the quality sucks, your comfort will be compromised. It’s a waste of money.

For this winter, I’ve taken my own advice by purchasing bedding products for their looks and quality. I did some research and found that goose down was the highest quality option for bedding, and the best goose down was from European countries such as Poland, Hungary and France.

My search for the best goose down for its price brought me to Crown Goose. Crown Goose uses Polish goose down with a Fill Power range of 800-900. Fill Power measures the fluffiness and insulation of a product. A high Fill Power rating guarantees quality in a goose down product. The range mentioned keeps the material looking and feeling cloud-like—increasing your comfort over time rather than decreasing it.

Not to mention, their duvets are also made of smooth satin fabric. But let’s start with the basics.


I got the Goose Down Duvet in Queen. The cover is made of 100% soft cotton and feels fabulous. I had a nice little snuggle-turned-nap on it before I applied the duvet cover. In terms of warmth, I chose the 600g option so it could be used for all seasons (I live in Los Angeles so it doesn’t get super cold). They also offer a 900g option, which I imagine would be like sleeping in a warm, comforting cloud if you were in Oregon or somewhere cooler.


For the sale price of $415 plus an additional 10% off with the coupon code FALLCROWN1, I’d say that this comforter is definitely worth its price. My mom once bought me a $300 comforter that lasted for 8 years before I decided to throw it out (not because it was bad, but because the thought of having an 8-year-old comforter weirded me out). I expect this one to last just as long because it’s made of even better materials than my old one.


As for the duvet cover, I got the Brise Collection in beige. It might not look like much from afar, but it’s super soft and luxurious up close. Check it out:


You can test the quality of your sheets and duvet covers if they survive the first wash. After taking photos of the cover, I stripped it from the comforter and threw it in the washer. Anxious to see how it would feel afterwards, I hesitated to touch the finished laundry load. To my delight, the satin felt just as soft as it was before the wash!

For the price of $165 (and the extra 10% off with promo code “FALLCROWN1”), it costed just as much as my Urban Outfitters duvet cover but felt 10x softer. The other covers couldn’t hold up their quality after the first wash.


In conclusion, I’m super satisfied with what I got so I highly recommend it to you guys. I’ve been sleeping under these covers for over a week and I can already feel a difference in my energy levels in the morning. I’ll link all of their info below:

Enjoy the best sleep ever!!

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